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Why Pega Case Management is Powerful

Impartial Gray Grouse
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Every week, I get asked by my Esteemed Colleagues, around the country. That, what Exactly is Pega Case Management?, and “why I have to care about it. 

People, who have more experience in Other Areas of software, asked this question. Like user Relationship management CRM. 

Many Technologies include cloud and CRM platforms, like salesforce.com. That every time includes “ Case Management”. Capability, so it is little bit confused.

It is not simple, not every case management is Designed Equal. When solving other Technologies, the case is every time little or more than a data object Designed for tracking and ticketing. 

These types of ticketing applications, were so, much helpful, but case management is more than Just a task tracker.

At an Enterprise level, it delivers and Drives outcomes, that you and your user's demand, plus is capable of dynamic handling, any expectations to those, who intend outcome along the way.

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Where it starts – the case

A case essentially, works that a company operates to get an outcome. For instance. Processing an auto – Insurance claim or opening a bank account is complex piece of task.

That requires to done offering, a resolution to user. Designing a new enterprise application, considered a case, with outcome the new application.

Many tasks and process, planned and unplanned, that may offer to complete work and deliver an outcome. That defined by case. A task is assigned, that must be accomplished.

A process is a way in, work may be finished. For Delivering a Resolution, to a customer, designing an enterprise application, considered as case, with the outcome being a new application.

Many works and Processes, where planned and unplanned. That may operate the work and delivered the outcome, that defined by case. A work is an assignment that accomplished. 

A process is a way in, it may be completed, many cases were made with many tasks and processes. That drive, the case toward its outcome. These presented within stages and steps in an image below.

In the above image, stages were shown by chevrons. The steps for every step are listed, under every chevron. Every stage and step, that is within this case was, built by business developers and users, for capturing the actions, that want to happen.

When to Default Retrieving Data, that what decisions to design, and shown in a simple and easy way to understand Graphical Metaphor.
Case Management forces, you to think about your mission, complex process, as it was happening systematically. Whether recruiting, a new employee, applying for the loan, filling an Insurance claim, enrolling in a health care plan.

Booking a Flight on an Airplane, every activity has defined with respected steps and stages, that driven by case management.

Driving Work to desired Outcome – The management
Think of Case, as it is being an Electronic folder, that includes every Task, documents, and information needed to finish the desired Outcome. But it was better than a folder.
A case also has intelligence to retrieve data, that you need, drive the process, that you want, handle escalations and Urgency, detect changes made the decisions, needed to get the outcome. Track progress of work, at each stage and step.

That is the management part of case management, more than a tracking task, it drives work towards, the goal.
How case Management Fits in a Company Platform
Case Management is a software-based approach for guiding People, who accomplish daily work and automatic work from point to point.
As a part of true intelligent automation platform, the case is Epicentre and used for managing and orchestrating works. Even with other related subcases, all with goal of completing Destiny, the deliver a business outcome.

How case management fits into an Enterprise Platform

Case Management is a Software-based Approach, to guide people, daily work and Automating work from end to end. As a part of the True Intelligent automation Platform, the case is the Epicenter.

It used to handle and orchestrate work, outcomes, even other related subcases, all with a goal of finishing a Journey and Delivering a Business output.
On an Enterprise Scale, case management, used as a part of an intelligent automation platform to, handle human and machine work, that Integrated artificial Intelligence and Natural Language processing.

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