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COMPUTEX 2018 : QNAP NAS combines FBTUG community to create automated agricultural robots !

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In the movie “The Martian”, We can see how Matt Damon trapped alone on Mars by accident, and relying on cultivating potatoes to stuff him up. It was a story about agricultural revolution. Now when we back to Earth, with the development of Industry 4.0’s and AI, there is a more advanced method of planting potatoes.

In order to make agriculture take-off, it is necessary to development open source community. The foreign FarmBot community is an example. FarmBot is like a large-scale 3D printer used in agriculture. Through the integration of software and hardware, it can be fully automated from planting to harvesting. It realizes the vision of “without working for farming”.

The trend of  agricultural community had blew up to Taiwan, and the “AI_ROBOT@STSP”  quicken the development of the first agricultural community- FBTUG in Taiwan. On June 6th to 8th at the 2018 COMPUTEX, It demonstrated their FarmBot  at the InnoVEX innovation exhibition.

There are many solutions for planting crops in the factory, but the special feature of FarmBot is that its robotic arms can move around the farmland. According to different modules, it can provide sensed temperature and humidity, automatic seeding, watering, turning soil,lasers deworming, fertilizer injection and other functions. The QNAP NAS plays a role in storing images captured by cameras, finding and removing weeds through image recognition technology, and monitoring growth processes.

The current development of FarmBot has gradually matured, turning over past forms of agriculture. In terms of future development, in addition to the current QIoT cooperation with QNAP, the development of image recognition planting rate will be further advanced. It is also expected to connect more sensing devices and external devices to achieve full intelligent monitoring, automatic harvesting, and deworming and so on.

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More information :

QNAP IoT blog : https://qiot.qnap.com/blog/en

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