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Responsive Sand Horse
Responsive Sand Horse
lots of different thoughts

Not written by a sand horse!! 

Responsive Sand Horse

Responsive Sand Horse






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Iphone 11 and 11 pro

Debating whether or not to upgrade to the new iPhone? look no further




Summers coming up, and the excitement of having 2 whole months off is exhilarating for almost everyone! But when the excitement settles down, have you ever noticed just how bored everyone gets during summer since there is nothing to do? Well, no m...

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Everyone wants long lashes, they are not only a sign of good health, but they are very very pretty. Naturally, it makes sense for people to want to grow them out. 

So, where should you start? The internet is full with solutions, but it’s import...

Fruit and veg 1050x600

1. Eat More Fruits and VegetablesI love carbs as much as the next person, and there have been occasions when I've traveled on a bus even out of my way to get meat on a stick. But research shows that eating a rainbow of fruits and veggies provides ...

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Staying focused is a challenge for many people as in the world we live in today, distractions from technology, people, and just the environment is inevitable. But in order to succeed in life, having focus over the things you do are very important....

Ignorance bliss vector illustration ideal printing apparel clothes 31519421

I'm sure everyone has heard the saying "ignorance is bliss" over and over again in so many different situations. But what does it mean really? Well, of course it implies different things in different situations, but most of the time, it generall...



Recycling is a pain. But you see recycle signs everywhere, but pretty much everyone is too lazy to actually do it. It's not that those of us who are too lazy to recycle don't care about the environment, it's just extremely difficult to attempt sol...


The media these days put makeup and beauty products on an extremely high pedestal, and sets unreachable goals of images of what a women "should" look like. 

Everyone should have their own way of expressing themselves, and it's completely fine a...


For those of you who don't know (which I would hope isn't a lot of you) Taiwan is a little island just off the coast of China. But don't belittle Taiwan because of its size, their reputation for street food is off the charts, and rightfully so. 

Epa  file  usa people swift trial

Taylor Swift, 27, can easily be named as one of the top artists and celebrities of the 2000s.
Sure, we all know her as the 'cute country girl' who always has the adorable 'surprise face' when she wins an award, but is she really even anything l...