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The pen may be mighter than the sword, but when exceptional situation calls, the pen IS the sword...or dagger in which to strike







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Caveat emptor, keep your expectations at bay, and the devil is in the details. These are three of the advise I give to friends who would purchase fountain pens either from brick and mortar stores or online. Even from reputable sellers, it is healt...

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As a fountain pen enthusiast, the wave of Chinese fountain pens presents a struggling dilemma that surround my ethical and moral standards. This wave enabled those who may be financially challenged and still desire to write with a fountain pen, to...

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Unlike ball points and roller ball pens, fountain pens have a particular guidelines that should be followed when it comes to writing. It is recommended that the angle of orientation when writing should be in the 45-60 degree angle to the paper, an...

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I have been amused and at times laughed at the titles of the advertisements in eBay and AliExpress when it comes to their listing for fountain pens. When it comes to titles, it seems that they load it with plenty of key words and buzz words for th...

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In the number of ways on how you can fill and store a fountain pen with ink, cartridges and converters are the common and popular systems. It ease of replacement, simplicity in operation and cleaning, and compatibility among other pen brands (ex...

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The concept and form of the Traveler's Notebook (TN) piqued my interest. I was drawn to the idea of a non-conventional notebook binder in leather, and customization is limited by your creativity. The only issue was the sizes available. My intent...