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What is TANIBOX?
Tanibox is a Indonesia startup company, aim at developing sustainable food system, which combines blockchain and Internet of Things to empower food and agricultural supply chain within a transparent, secure, profitable a...



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Background: From information to knowledge
For the past 14 years, QNAP has been focusing on creating better storage solutions, and redefining Network-attached Storage (NAS) through constant product innovation. In 2018, QNAP launched the QuAI...

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With the trend of technology generation, there are lots of new issues come out, such like IoT, AI and so on. It not only stimulates the needs of technology talents, but also reflects the obsolete education system which causes the lack of human res...


Artisantech was established in 2004 and focuses on integrating different systems. It provides solutions (for industrial control, environmental control, smart homes, and more) using analog circuit design and development of single-chip and embedded ...

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In the movie “The Martian”, We can see how Matt Damon trapped alone on Mars by accident, and relying on cultivating potatoes to stuff him up. It was a story about agricultural revolution. Now when we back to Earth, with the development of Industry...


In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up IFROGLAB LORA GATEWAY on QNAP/ IEI
Step 1:
Please insert the plug-in from the iFrogLab LoRa USB device into the QNAP or IEI device, make sure the device is in the same internet environment as your P...

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CAVEDU is a famous education team in maker community, which focuses on robot education and the research of development board. Therefore, those who are interested in maker would usually choose  their works as guidelines. The team member, Tsen...

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Most people imagine that the Internet of Things is mostly confined to smart homes. However, its wide range of applications can be extended to the marine and fish conservation. For instance, Fishackathon, which was initiated by the U.S. Department ...