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What is the best compiler for python?

Impartial Gray Grouse
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Python has a compiler! You simply don't observe it as it runs mechanically. You can tell it's there, though: observe the .percent (or .pyo if you have the optimizer turned on) documents that are generated for modules that you import or write yourself.

Additionally, it does no longer compile to the local device's code. Instead, it compiles to a byte code that is utilized by a virtual device. The digital machine is itself a compiled software. That is very just like how Java works; so comparable, in reality, that there may be a Python variation (Jython) that compiles to the Java virtual machine's byte code alternatively! There may be also IronPython, which compiles to Microsoft's CLR (used by .internet). (The ordinary Python byte code compiler is from time to time known as CPython to disambiguate it from these options.) Right here are the popular python compilers, interpreters and translators:


Jython compiles Python code to Java byte codes, permitting Python software to run on any machine that has java runtime established. It supports each static and dynamic compilation. Python code also can extend any Java classes. because this Python implementation is itself written in Java, it runs on any platform assisting the Java virtual system.


IronPython implements the Python programming language on the Microsoft .net framework. It helps dynamic compilation, has an interactive console, and Python scripts can interact with .internet objects. it's miles certified under the Microsoft Public License.

Stackless Python

Stackless Python enhances the Python programming language to include help for threads, or specifically, micro threads. It offers tasklets that can wrap functions that you want to be launched as micro threads. Additionally available are channels that permit bidirectional communications among tasklets, a round-robin scheduling facility, and serialization. Precompiled binaries (executables) for home windows and Mac OS X are to be had. in case you use Linux or a few other Unix variant, you can truely download the source code and collect it yourself. This implementation of Python is seemingly used in some multiplayer online games (like EVE online and 2nd life).


ActivePython is a Python distribution for home windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. observe that handiest the community version is loose.


People who choose to code their packages in Python, and yet need to put in writing programs which might be executed in a web browser can now achieve this with this compiler. Pyjs (formerly "Pyjamas") is a Python to JavaScript translator; that is, it translates your Python code into its JavaScript equal in order that your program can run in an internet browser. It comes with an ajax framework and a Widget Set API. The AJAX framework is intended to address the variations between JavaScript and DOM help between the one-of-a-kind browsers so you don't should fear about that during your program.




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