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What I learned from thrift shopping

Fantastic Chestnut Otter
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Wearing second hand/old clothes have been around for a long time- from wearing your grandmother's shirt you found in her closet, to buying expensive vintage clothing in an antique shop. Thrifiting (aka shopping old second hand clothes) is a practice thats becoming more common now in the modern age, with thrift clothing shops such as Goodwill opening up. 

I personally never thought I would be thrift shopping at all, as I didn't think it was a thing in Taiwanese culture: I was VERY wrong. I recently discovered, through hours of research with my friend (since she really wanted to go) that there were actually a lot of thrift and second hand shops in Taipei. 

We decided to Google Map these places, and pay them a visit! The first few stores that we walked into were extremely overpriced "vintage" imported items that definitely was more antiquing then thrifting, which made my friend and I want to give up, as buying things from stores like this was a habit that we couldn't afford.

As we were about to leave the area we were in, we walked by a small, run down store that had really nice clothes hanging inside. We walked in and realized we hit the jackpot: we found a thrift shop. After browsing through that store for a solid hour I realized 2 things: 

1. Just how much extra money I was spending on clothes (such as that denim jacket that I wanted soo bad) that I could easily get for one fourth of the price at the thrift shop 

2. The culture and clothing of "old Taiwan": looking through the racks, I found many pieces of clothing that I concluded came from the era where the Japanese ruled Taiwan, and how that impacted the way Taiwanese people dressed. 

If you have not ever gone thrifting yet, you need to immediately: not only for the knowledge you will get about the culture of where you are thrifting, but also TO SAVE YOUR WALLET! 

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