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Web Hosting Service Startup to Dominate Indonesian and Indian Market

Compassionate Green Quelea
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Newly Launched of website hosting startup “Legion Cloud” will help website owners to beat the challenge and achieve their goals. Start from $1.99 Monthly fee.

Legion Cloud is coming to help anyone who wants to build a website for any kind of purposes. Having a website is a must, whether for developing a business or branding. This Startup website builder company with artificial intelligent also offers a cloud hosting service. Cloud hosting with SSD VPS  is used to boost the speed of the websites and keeps the users to load the site in the multiple server environments.


Legion Cloud’s web hosting service offers a variety of benefits for the users. For example, the system is supported by sophisticated technology. As a result, users don’t need to worry about anything, including the safety of their data. The data will be secured against internal and external threats. The users will also get full 7x24 technical support. The technical support is ready anytime needed. Legion Cloud is also ready with the IT infrastructure analysis to help users build and develop a website successfully.   


Legion Cloud offers three different packages for those who want to build and develop a website. Website owners can use a cloud hosting package. The cost of this package from $1.99 per month. The users will get a cPanel control panel and Cloud storage up to 10GB. They also get a free SSL certificate, domain register, and website builder. By spending for about $4.99 per month, the users will get unlimited bandwidth. Next, for those who want to build a WordPress-based website can choose the Cloud WordPress package. The cost is $8.99 per 24 months and they will get WP optimized and Cloud Storage up to 50GB. 


The users can get a free domain register and SSL certificate. The users only have to spend around $12.99 per month to get VIP support and 5TB bandwidth. Lastly, users can also use the Cloud SSD VPS package. The cost of this cloud SSD hosting package is $39.99 per 24 months. The cost is for 2 vCPU, 4GB RAM, and SSD Cloud Storage for 80GB. By spending for about $59.99 per month, the users will also receive 4TB bandwidth, unlimited sites, and 7x24 support.    


“We want to offer a high-performance website to our customers. Moreover, we care about customer satisfaction. They will get a sophisticated security system to protect all the important data and system. If they use the best web hosting service, the website owners can reduce maintenance cost and it will be easier for them to handle the website without any significant problems. In the end, our customers can achieve all their goals because of the performance of their website.” Sebastian Founder of Legion Cloud


About Legion Cloud:

Legion Cloud is a web hosting service company. It offers three different packages at an affordable price. The mission of this service is to help website owners to boost the performance of their website while protecting the systems and data. 


For more information, please visit https://legioncloud.com



100 Pine Street 1250 San Francisco, CA, 94111.


+1 (415) 745-3323


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