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Ukrainian Journalists Ask International Organizations to Identify the AUP Source of Financing as well as the Activities of Its President Valerii Ivanov

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The management of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Vidrodzhennya  International Renaissance Foundation of George Soros, Konrad Adenauer Foundation, as well as officials from the US, UK and other countries should be ready to start their own investigation and evaluate the facts have been made public on the large amounts of financial assets withdrawal to offshore accounts in Panama and a Latvian bank by the president of the Academy of Ukrainian Press (AUP) Valerii Ivanov. The mentioned organizations and embassies are partners and donors of the Academy of Ukrainian Press, as stated on AUP’s webpage. It was identified that Valerii Ivanov had received financial finds from those organizations. But have they been used for their intended purpose or funneled the money offshore instead?

As early as 3 months ago, Ukrainian journalists published numerous articles augmented by facts and documents on the money laundering in offshore by AUP president Valerii Ivanov. According to the documents, the AUP president transferred tens of thousands of euros and dollars to his Panamanian company Lintown Systems Corp. through Regionala Investiciju Banka JSC (a Latvian bank), which appears in a number of big international scandals related to money laundering of the mafia and totalitarian regimes.

Ukrainian law enforcement officers carried out searches in Valerii Ivanov’s premices and seized his accounts in Ukrainian banks. Since 2015, Denys Ivanov (the son of Valerii Ivanov) has been a suspect in the case of plundering large assets of Ukrzaliznytsia, the state-owned railway corporation. He is wanted by Interpol and is hiding abroad.

Valerii Ivanov himself does not provide any comments, and does not want to communicate with the Ukrainian journalists. AUP employees and Valerii Ivanov’s colleagues do not want to communicate with the journalists and answer questions either.

However, the question remains the same. Was the money of international organizations really funneled to Valerii Ivanov’s offshore accounts?

Thus, representatives of the Ukrainian media ask international organizations to carry out an objective investigation, that would help the Ukrainian police and establish the truth, as well as protect the media reputation.


Contact Name: Academy of Ukrainian Press (AUP)
Contact Name: Sergey Dmitrovskiy
Address: Kiyev, 04053, vul. Mezhigírs'ka, 24, 2 poverkhnosti, ofsis 4.
Email: press@aupua.press 
Phone: (+38 044) 223 73 11
Website: http://www.aup.com.ua/en 

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