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Trillion Trees Initiatives to Save the Earth with Forestation and Greening

Compassionate Green Quelea
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Trillion Trees Initiatives to confirm new concepts and projects to plant more trees. The organization attempts to save the planet from deforestation.

Trillion Trees Initiatives has just announced the organization’s new project called Greening Desserts. This project is designed to support the organization’s mission to plant more trees to make the Earth green again. Trillion Trees Initiatives invite those who put the concern to the continuity of this planet to participate actively in the projects created by the institution.


Trillion Trees Initiatives was initiated and founded by Oliver Gediminas Caplikas, philanthropy, and activist of environment savior. Since the establishment of the nonprofit organization, Mr. Caplikas and his team have planted more than 25.000 oak trees. There are about 3.000 trees of the total number have been planted in boxes and buckets. It is hoped that the number of trees planted will keep increasing in the future.


The organization is established because the Earth now is having a serious issue related to global warming. The housing industry also contributes to the increasing number of deforestation in many countries across the world. Trillion Trees Initiatives creates an ambitious project to plant trillion trees in free landscapes. Greening Desserts, is one of the projects initiated by the organization to make the world green again. There are also some initiatives such as Billion Trees Projects created by the organization to reduce desertification, global warming, deforestation, and land degradation on a large scale. The projects are conducted in a wide range of region includes wastelands, drylands, and human-made desserts.


“It's time that we finally get real active and financial support to start with the first CleanTech, Forestation, GreenTech, Research and Greening Camps during the next years - primarily in Europe and Africa to prevent or reduce desertification, droughts, and land degradation. Let's make the world green again, together! “ said the CEO of Trillion Trees Initiatives, Oliver Gediminas Caplikas.


About the Company


Trillion Trees Initiatives is a nonprofit organization that focuses on the attempt to save the Earth from deforestation and reduce global warming. The organization which is set established by Oliver Gediminas Caplikas sets some ambitious projects such as Greening Desserts to make sure that this planet can be a better place for people to live on. The Trillion Trees Company has been involved in research primarily conducted in Africa and Europe. The researches are aimed to figure out the best methods to avoid and reduce degradations, droughts, and desertification. For more information about Trillion Tree Initiatives and the projects run, please feel free to visit the organization website on http://www.trilliontrees.info.


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