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Tanibox: A Smart Agriculture for Sustainable Food System.

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What is TANIBOX?

Tanibox is a Indonesia startup company, aim at developing sustainable food system, which combines blockchain and Internet of Things to empower food and agricultural supply chain within a transparent, secure, profitable and sustainable cooperative ecosystem.


Problems Farmers Usually Have

There are several problems farmers usually have. First, they are unable to identify their real production costs and budgets.Second, the agronomic risks, such as climate, pest, disease, and irrigation is incapable to be predicted. Third, not monitoring the exact water and fertilizer needs of their crops. Forth, it’s rarely to keep farm and operational records in one place, and becomes difficult to access it. Last, it’s incapable to analyze their production factors and operational procedures in order to understand what they have to do to be more productive.


Application-TANIA & ATLAS

Therefore, Tanibox launch an operating system to solve these problems. It has power to record, process, translate, and analyze farm data with meaningful insights, using IoT sensors and automated devices to help agriculture business owners and farmers to have easy-to-accessed evidence about what’s going on in the field.

Tania is one of the application that allows farmers to manage and track their farm operations, production costs and budgets, inventory, real-time growing environment using IoT agricultural sensors and taking actions using automation devices.This application is released as an open source software on Github since July 2017 to gain more useful feedbacks from agricultural practitioners and software developers globally.

The other application is Atlas, which is a service that helps farmers to get meaningful insights about what’s happening on the field by harnessing the power of big data combined with agronomists gathered through Tania operating system. With Atlas, farm business owners are equipped to receive automated suggestions and recommendations to further improve their efficiency and business operations.


How TANIA and ATLAS Works

The data will be transferred from IoT agricultural sensors, and then be recorded and processed on QNAP NAS. After the processing, the consequence will be uploaded to the cloud service, ATLAS, and generates insights and reports.  


How TANIA and QNAP NAS Works

For a further discussion, how it really work between TANIA and NAS? When the sensors collect  data, such as air temperature, air humidity, soil moisture, light Intensity, and soil fertility, all the data will be transferred to QIoT Suite Lite, a simply IoT development suite.Meanwhile, the automatic devices, such like irrigation system, ventilation mist and sprinkler, will make action according to the data consequence. In addition, the processed data by NAS and TANIA can be visualized on the browser.   


Ideas for Future

Now, this company is going to launch a new service, TaniCoin.TaniCoin is a participant-oriented project that can also work as utility coins, which aims to build blockchain technology to revolutionize global food system by democratizing access to modern agriculture technology for the creation of sustainable, transparent, traceable, secure, and profitable food and agriculture businesses.This project is based on initial coin offers crowdfunding and involves TaniCoin’s attracting funds through TaniCoin sales that Tanibox is going to be doing in the upcoming weeks.

 More information :

QNAP IoT blog : https://qiot.qnap.com/blog/en

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