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Reliable Wire Crimping Machine Manufacturer in China

Compassionate Green Quelea
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Cheers Electronic Technical Co., LTD has been established for 30 years manufacturing Wire crimping machine and Cable stripping machine.

Shanghai-based wire harness machine manufacturer has proven itself as a leading wire harness company in the world and has served large global companies such as Bosch, Honeywell, Delphi, and Lear Corporation. Cheers Electronic Technical Co., LTD or better known as terminal-crimping.com, is a leading company that manufactures a wide range of wiring harness equipment. This company has been established for 30 years and strives to serve its customers like a king. Like any other big company, Cheers Electronic Technical is always keeping consistency and excellence in maintaining the quality of its products. The company has a solid R&D team in developing and manufacturing a wide range of wire harness machines to suit the latest requirements of the home appliance, medical instruments, toy industries, and automotive electric industries.

Cheers Electronic Technical is manufacturing two main products include Wire Terminal Crimping Machine and Wire & Cable Stripping machine. Wire crimping machine is a tool for combining the two ends of the Cable or metal in such a way so that they joined together. Wire crimping machine is applied to connect the connector to the end of the Cable. In the telecommunications industry, crimping tools are used to connect telephone cables and network cables. Meanwhile, wire & cable stripping machine is engineering equipment that is used to cut out the insulation materials wrapping around an electrical wire.  For more details, please visit https://www.terminal-crimping.com/Wire-crimping-machine.html

The necessity for wire harness machines is increasing at present. It suits the latest requirements for home appliance, toy industry, medical instruments, and automotive electric industry. Cheers Electronic Technical has produced several wiring harness machines for industrial, commercial, and personal use. Its main products include fully automatic terminal crimping machine, digital wire cutting machine, wire peeling machine, applicator, pneumatic wire stripping machine, digital tube cutting machine, wire feeding machine, wire coiling machine, wire stripper machine, wire cutting machine, wire crimper and more. For more information, please visit https://www.terminal-crimping.com/wire-stripping-machine.html

“Our company is committed to maintaining the quality and service of our products. Our team continues to innovate to develop quality and reliable products for users.” said CEO of Cheers Electronic Technical.

About Cheers Electronic Technical Co., LTD

Cheers Electronic Technical or known as terminal-crimping.com, is a Shanghai company that produced diverse types of wire harness machinery. Their products have been used in various industries such as home appliances, telecommunication, electrical, medical instruments, toys, and the automotive electric industry. They are committed to continuing to innovate and make superior products. For more information, please visit http://www.terminal-crimping.com/


Contactor: Betty Rao

Cel: 15960260425

Website: www.terminal-crimping.com

Email: Cheers.Machine@gmail.com


Add: MaoLian RD, Songjiang District, Shanghai City, China,201615




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Created at: 2019/11/29, updated at 2019/11/29.
Total: 558 words.

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