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Mindful Movement Pilates Dallas Encourage Healthy Living Through Pilates Workout

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Kylene Law is a Pilates instructor, and now with her Mindful Movement Pilates Studio, she encourages people for healthy living by doing Pilates workout.

November 11, 2019, Dallas, TX - Mindful Movement Pilates Studio by Kylene Law invited people in Dallas to experience the benefit of Dallas Pilates session. Kylene Law is a trained and certified instructor through the Physical Mind Institute. She has helped people to lessen and wipe out any mobility or pain issues. She is teaching Pilates Method that consists of a series of about 500 exercises inspired by gymnastics, yoga, and ballet. And eventually, the Pilates exercise goals are to lengthen and stretches all major muscle groups in the body in a balanced way, where it escalates flexibility, strength, balance, and body awareness.


One of the most popular Uptown Pilates, Mindful Movement Pilates Studio is offering Private and Group Classes, where each group is limited to 3 people. While on private sessions, one skilled instructor will assist only one student. Each instructor has completed a full comprehensive certification with over 450 hours of training before working with clients. The Mindful Movement Pilates Studio is also offering three different packages, including Group Reformer Class, Private Instruction, and Duet Instruction, where each package consists of several sessions, namely single session, 6 sessions, and 12 sessions. For new clients who want to join this studio, do not need to worry because they also provide introductory packages.

The Studio owner Kylen Law said that its classes and sessions would be tailored to the needs of the clients to achieve their goals. She also said that each body is unique and works in their own way, from walking, talking, stretching, and playing. Therefore, Mindful Movement Dallas Pilates studio instructors know how to treat their clients differently. The exercises taught in the studio will lead clients to increase their body strength, flexibility, and stability. 

One of  the most demanded classes at Mindful Movement Dallas Pilates studio is the Reformer Pilates Classes. The class is for anyone looking for a strong and toned body. This Reformer Pilates Class is not to increase heart rate, but still make someone sweat. It focuses on the small movements that force the muscles to work in new ways. In addition, the Reformer Classes utilize a Pilates Reformer Machine. This machine is similar to a bed that is equipped with a main platform called a carriage. This carriage can move back and forth on its wheels. While on exercise, the client will be lying down, sitting, and kneeling on the carriage. The reformer pilates workout has many benefits, particularly to give strength, flexibility, and stability to the body and muscles.

About Mindful Movement Pilates Studio Instructors

Kylene Law is an owner and pilates instructor at  Mindful Movement Pilates Studio. In addition to teaching Pilates, she is also trained and certified Pilates instructor. In February 2018, she became a certified Rossiter coach. Rossiter System is a unique and powerful approach to treating pain without drugs, injections, or surgery.

The other instructor at Mindful Movement Pilates Studio is Ashlyn Pooler. She got her teaching certification from Body Arts and Science International (BASI) and spent two years as a PT’s Aide implementing Pilates into her patients’ physical therapy programs.

For more information about Mindful Movement Pilates Studio, please visit https://www.mindfulmovementapilatesstudio.com/




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Created at: 2019/11/10, updated at 2019/11/11.
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