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LUSHLAV Launches MindTox Tea Kit and a Stress Management Program

Compassionate Green Quelea
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LUSHLAV has recently launched MindTox Tea Kit and “14 Days Stress Management Program” e-book. 



LUSHLAV is a company owned by Adriana Dibbin based in Toronto, Canada, that works in the self-care and mental health support area. It conducts “14 Days Stress Management Program. The program features MindTox Tea kits, made from natural and organic ingredients, primarily Lavender tea blends. It can be used for natural anxiety remedies.


LUSHLAV’s Primary self-care products that are available to purchase is MindTox Tea. MindTox Tea consists of some packages of lavender tea blends that promote calmness to relieve some problems like stress and anxiety. The production of MindTox Tea is focused on a purpose: for the consumers’ self-care and to improve their mental health and wellness naturally.


Lavender tea is well-known for some benefits. They include improving the immune system, keeping the heart healthy, relieving muscle pain and insomnia, anti-inflammation, and more. This plant is also relaxing, so that people can consume it regularly to reduce stress and other mental health problems like anxiety.


A set of MindTox Tea packages is featured in “14 Days Stress Management Program” e-book. In the kit, there are 3 packages to consume  over 14-days. The 3 tea packages are for morning, afternoon, and evening. Aside from consuming the tea, the consumers should also follow some activities. One of them is a spa experience at home. It is a spa-like activity to conduct at home with some methods to avoid stress and as a natural anxiety relief.  


For best results with the program; lavender tea consumption, DIY home spa, workplace wellness, and other tips, it is very easy to use! The consumers only need to follow the right steps for a better result. The steps are explained in the e-book that is valued at $69 along with the purchases of MindTox Tea. 


“MindTox Tea is more than just lavender tea. It is packed well in some kits and the taste is delicious. I also follow the ‘14 Days Stress Management Program’ provided in the e-book. The result is wonderful.” – Angela Varhaug.


“It was really stressful with all the works and personal problems. So, I choose to follow the ’14 Days Stress Management Program’ conducted by LUSHLAV. I just can feel the benefits. The MindTox Tea is tasty as well for the afternoon tea. It is recommended.” Clara Clifford.


About Adriana Dibbin

Adriana Dibbin is the founder and owner of LUSHLAV. She invented a simple lavender tea base regimen to help people relieve stress and anxiety. She also had problems of anxiety before, but later, Dibbin was able to successfully escape through self-care. She continued to design mental-illness solutions using all natural and organic ingredients. Next, Dibbin founded LUSHLAV to let others feel the benefits of self-care with lavender tea blends. For more information please visit https://www.lushlav.com/ 

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