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Lil Sassy – Black Owned Business with Standout Hair Extension Products

Compassionate Green Quelea
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Lil Sassy Hair comes with various hair extension products for more standout hairdos. The products offered come with several categories to opt at relatively affordable sizes.

Lil Sassy Hair provides hair extension products that will make women out there get stunning hairstyles. Hair extensions is not the only products offered by this online store since the consumers can also find other outstanding products such as eyelashes. They are made of high-quality materials such as Mink to guarantee performance and durability.

There are many reasons to make this online store become the first choice when people look for hair beauty products. Lil Sassy Hair is founded by Jessica Collins, a single mother whose passion is in selling hair products. With the products provided, Collins attempts to establish a black-owned business which will become the first place when people want to buy products to extend their hair. Her store only provides raw virgin remy hair. It is cut from ponytails directly. In this way, consumers will see that all of the cuticles are facing the same direction.

Furthermore, all the nits are removed by hand and the hair is sanitized by using organic shampoos as well as organic apple cider vinegar. So, there will be no dangerous chemical substances that will damage the hair cuticles. The products categories offered include virgin hair weave ($77 -$117), virgin lace closures ($105 - $115), bundle deals of 3 packs virgin remy ($240 - $330), and more. 

Additionally, consumers can also enjoy price cut-off programs for various products such as Yaki Straight Closure for only $105 from $115.

“Loveeeee lil sassy’s hair extensions everything about the hair is amazing I would most definitely recommend for others,” said one of the customers.

Another customer commented, "BEST hair is here, especially if you are looking for QUALITY, this is the place."

About the Company

Lil Sassy Hair is an online store that specially provides hair extension products for women. Being established by Jessica Collins, the consumers will find high-quality products of hair extension in her online store. Collins has a specific mission to create a black-owned business. Not only hair extension, but Collins also offers standout eyelashes products for the consumers. With the launch of the online store, it is hoped that there will be more people are attracted to purchase the hair and eyelashes products provided. For more information about this online store please feel free to visit https://www.lilsassyhair.com/


Jessica Collins

10704 White Ave Adelanto CA 92301



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