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Italian Guy Video Channel to Explain Italy More in Italian Ways

Compassionate Green Quelea
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Mammamia! SpeakItaly an Italian way video channel brings the daily life of an Italian happy family, full of comedy, drama, tips, dance and many more. Talking about family’s daily life to let people know more about Italian country in different ways.


There are some characteristics of the videos uploaded by SpeakItaly. Most of the videos have titles which begin with words MAMMA MIA! It is a common term to express satisfaction and pleasure in Italian. SpeakItaly may not speak fully in Italian; it is since he expects more viewers outside his country. However, only from the way he is speaking, it is known that he is an Italian through his accent. Of course, he also included a few words in Italian to make people more familiar with this language.


The videos are various in terms of content. For example, there is a video entitled “MAMMA MIA! Pizza HOMEMADE Recipe” where SpeakItaly and his cute daughter gives a tutorial of how to make a delicious pizza with the original Italian recipe. There is also “MAMMA MIA! Speaky like a fashion model”. In this video, Speaky shares his unique and funny Italian way of life in which he often acts like a professional fashion model. There are still many more videos about the daily life of this Italian guy. Some of them are: “MAMMA MIA! Speaky’s date with creepy dolls!!!”, “MAMMA MIA! Speaky finds love”, “MAMMA MIA! Sing with Speaky!”, and many more.

Most of the videos are entertaining. Speaky’s life is very unique and warm along with his family. It is a good guide for anyone who wants to conduct a trip to Italy. At least, they can have an overview of the daily life of Italians. There are also some useful tips in the videos including how to make a homemade pizza, tips for Europe, knowledge about Italian food and wine, and more.


About SpeakItaly

SpeakItaly available in Liveleak and Youtube channel  owned by a married happy family Daddy, 48 years old who was born in Bologna, the capital of the famous “spag bol”, with one daughter. Through his videos on YouTube and Liveleak, he invites people to know more about Italy through his daily life. There are funny, interesting, and unique video content can be enjoyed. Now his Liveleak channel has rise more than 93K views with 147 Subscribers.


Visit SpeakItaly Channel at 




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