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ISO-CERT VN Offers Consultations and Assessments on The Latest ISO Standard Certification

Compassionate Green Quelea
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ISO certification is very important to many businesses.  ISO-CERT INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION OFFICE to assists companies that want to obtain International Standard Certification in Vietnam.

ISO services in Vietnam are increasingly growing along with the rise of business companies that require ISO certification. ISO is an abbreviation of the International Organization for Standardization. The International Organization for Standardization was founded on February 23, 1947, is an independent, non-governmental, international organization that develops standards to ensure the quality, safety and efficiency of products, services and systems. Therefore, the companies that have obtained ISO certification can certainly be approved by international standards.

Presently, more and more companies in Vietnam are improving their quality. As a result not only consumers are increasingly interested, but they can also improve their quality and standards internationally. Most of all businesses have implemented construction of quality management services that meet the ISO 9001, standards issued by the International Standardization Organization (ISO). 

ISO-CERT INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION OFFICE offers to assist in obtaining ISO 9001 certification. The latest ISO 9001 is ISO 9001:2015 version. By implementing the ISO 9001, the companies will get many benefits, including increasing trust of the company’s brand, managing risk management of the company, improve control over the company's operations, managing company management according to international standards, minimize unnecessary operating costs, improve management efficiency, and many more  benefits that can be read on ISO-CERT official website. To meet the qualifications of ISO 9001 standards, the company must ensure several principles like Leadership, The involvement of officials and employees, Target customers, Process-driven approach, Approach of management according to ISO 9001 system, Continuous reform and innovation, Decisions are based on facts, and Partnership with suppliers for mutual benefits.

According to the company’s Manager, besides offering ISO 9001 certification, they also assist companies to get certification of HACCP, 22000, 27001, 13485, 45001, Ohsas 18001, 50001 and many more.  The benefits and requirements are explained in detail on the official website, so are the implementation in such industries like sports, entertainment, energy, mining, manufacturing, health, maritime, and many more. About ISO-CERT INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION OFFICEISO-CERT INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION OFFICE (Iso-cert.vn) is an organization of assessments & certifications that constantly endeavor to provide the best consulting services to meet the highest level of customer satisfaction in Vietnam. They have achieved 100% success rates for ISO certified clients by developing and building a sustainable management system. They work with the most prominent certification bodies and institutions to ensure their client's certification has the appropriate national and international acknowledgment. For more information, please visit https://iso-cert.vn/


Website: https://iso-cert.vn


Hotline: 0908.060.060 - 0988.35.9999

Address: HH2A Building Linh Dam Urban Area - Hoang Mai District - Hanoi City

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