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Indian Developer Company Goldenkey Introduces Vinodam as a Premium Project for a more Luxurious Lifestyle

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Goldenkey an Indian developer company that has been experienced in terms of apartment development is introducing a new project namely Vinodam.



For decades, Goldenkey has accompanied people in the area of Hyderabad, India, to get their dream home living. They provide houses and apartments for various necessities including residential and commercials. They are all designed and developed impressively to satisfy the customers more.


Nowadays, the company is introducing its new project namely Vinodam. Vinodam is one of the premium projects that is aesthetically designed. The materials applied on the project are high qualities as well as the finish is outstanding. In general, this project is under the classification of luxury 2 and 3 bhk apartments. Bhk here refers to bathroom, hall, and kitchen.


The complexes of Vinodam are located at the hearts of Gachibowli and Madhapur. The location is strategic and not too far from some public places: IT hubs, Gachibowli Stadium, Shopping Malls, schools, and more. Even if the homeowners want to go to ORR, it is only 5 minutes from the Vinodam spot.


A very strategic location is not the only reason why Vinodam is perfect for a luxurious urban lifestyle. The design is gorgeous with a minimalist and natural look. It applies nature’s greenery right into dwellings through the extra large windows and ample space. This idea is to meet the customers’ needs who prefer an apartment that supports a green and healthy environment. Besides, it represents a high standard of home living and residential in India.

“My job in India is challenging. So, I just need a place to live more peacefully. I choose Vinodam by Goldenkey and it is completely a right choice. The location is strategic and the design is great. High recommended for others who want to live in Gachibowli”, – Sarah Danvers.


“I definitely make a very good choice by living in Vinodam. The apartment unit is great and the price is not too much. I even love the process which is quite easy and fast”, - David Schmidt.


About Goldenkey

Goldenkey is a developer with a decade of experience in convincing large projects in record time. The residential and commercials provided by this company are guaranteed to be high quality with good prices. Some projects are considered as premium living place to meet customers with luxury needs and one of them is Vinodam.


For Media Inquiry


Vinodam: Luxury 2 and 3 bhk apartments

Goldenkey is a registered trademark under India TRADE MARKS ACT: 1999

Brand: Goldenkey.


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