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How To Follow Healthy Diet During Winters?

Awkward Aquamarine Chicken
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As the night draws in, all a person can think of is to sit near the fireplace and relish a warm and delicious stew, pie or any other winter food. During winter days, indulging into warm and heavy foods is quite common but the question is how to make sure you are following a healthy diet during winter months? Don’t worry; there are various catering companies in London that offer the best winter foods which are nutritious and delicious followed by expert advice and guidance.

In this article, we have listed some of the tips on how you can relish different winter foods and still maintain your health:

1.   Increase the intake of Fibrous Foods: Porridge, Oats, Grains and other high-fibre foods are considered the perfect food options to start your day with. They provide energy to the body, acts as a filler, are delicious to the maximum and helps in keeping the body warm. So, why don’t you begin your day with a hearty and healthy, warm and delicious bowl of fibrous food along with nuts and seeds?

2.   Add Iron-Rich Foods: Spinach, Broccoli, Red Meat, Lentils, Quinoa, Turkey etc. are all highly rich iron foods which are helpful in providing strength to the body and protects the bones from injuries. The best part is all these iron-rich foods are warm by nature which provides warmth to the body by healing internally. So, if you are really worried about your health during winters, then try adding these foods and maintain your well-being.

3.   Increase your Intake of Fish, Eggs and Cheese: Every season comes with their own set of healthy foods and juices. For instance, fruits like watermelon, mango and strawberry and foods like sushi & salad are considered refreshing for summers. Similarly, some of the highly nutritious winter foods are fish, eggs, cheese & nuts which provide warmth to the body and protect it from winter diseases. These foods are high in protein, vitamins and minerals which also improves the immunity of the body. So, eat as much fish and eggs as you can for winters to reduce fatigue, lethargy and tiredness.

4.   Swap Sugary Foods with Honey or Sweeteners: Sugar is considered unhealthy and dangerous for the body as it directly affects the bones. But, when it comes to winters, then various sweet foods like pies, cakes, canapés, puddings etc. consists of a huge amount of sugar in it. Well, you don’t need to cut back on all these yummilicious, heart-warming and sweet dishes, all you need is to replace sugar with other healthier alternatives. Some of the healthy alternatives can be honey, jaggery, and organic sweeteners which provide the same taste but are way better than sugar. So, simply swap sugar with honey and relish sweet and warm foods throughout the winter.


Winter months are undoubtedly the coldest months of the year. It is important to keep a check on the diet in order to protect yourself from diseases and keep the body warm. So, ask your office lunch catering company to revise the lunch menu for winters and rejoice the cold days in London with mouth-watering and tempting food options. You can visit Owen Brothers, one of the leading companies in London, for lunch and breakfast catering services. For winter options and seasonal foods, visit the website.

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