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Google Play Or Yelp Review Notifications From ReviewBot

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15 May 2019 - ReviewBot provides a smart solution that will totally get rid of all your business problems - bad reviews. If you have ever faced the problem of having a huge amount of reviews for your provided service or product, then you may have need of something like ReviewBot. The wise bot is able to manage all the google play reviews and send notifications to your device.


Negative reviews on the Internet. How to fight? The Internet is full of opportunities to leave feedback about a particular product / service. Most of them are complaints and it’s naturally. It is clear that there are all sorts of situations and in working with people it is impossible to be 100% white and fluffy. So, if such cases arise, you should try to reduce the negative to a neutral attitude and solve the problem. In this post we will describe a short list of useful tips on how to combat negative things, and then you will see that ReviewBot is much more comfortable and a really time saving method.


So, the main goal is to solve the problem of a person who made a complaint, and not to insulate in any way a company, product or service. Only in this case can we not only restore the company’s image, but in some cases improve it. The first thing to do is to figure out the reason for the negative. Possible options: product advertising in the wrong place at the wrong time, black PR, lack of attention from client managers, service / product flaws. With those who are behind the company kicks, everything is clear. The competitors’ intrigues are also easy to calculate - such “clients” simply do not make contact, do not leave personal data and unsubscribe in the style of “everything is always bad with you”. Publication of advertising where your target audience is not, Description of the inspection process of the staff, how the dumplings are molded, the filling and dough is prepared, photos of the workshop and the products themselves were also provided. If you are not very interested in managing on your own negative reviews, then you can choose the option to make use of ReviewBot. The ReviewBot platform could very easily manage your reviews and push you notifications.


About ReviewBot:

ReviewBot is an online service helping businesses all over the world manage notifications on google play, yelp or App Store.



Company Name: ReviewBot

Website: https://reviewbot.io 

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