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Glaucoma – Who Is at the Risk?

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Have you ever imagined how would it be to wake up one day and see nothing but darkness? Blindness is a reality that many people are dealing with across the globe. There are many reasons that can make your world go dark and glaucoma is one of them.
In this article, we are going to explore more about glaucoma. You will understand everything about this eye disorder as you finish reading the article. You will also learn about the remedies available. Let’s get started!

What is glaucoma?
You might have heard a lot about this eye issue but rarely you have acknowledged the need of gathering more information it. Lack of knowledge is one of the commonest reasons for the onset of glaucoma. It is an eye disorder in which the pressure within an eye increases to abnormal levels causing damage to the optic nerve if not treated on time. This further leads to blindness. African Americans are more prone to develop this eye ailment that Caucasians.

Millions of people from the United States have been suffering from glaucoma and many of these patients have become blind due to untimely diagnosis and delay in receiving treatment. Unfortunately, in most cases, diagnosis is delayed causing the patient go blind. Therefore, it is advised to get your eyes tested periodically especially after your 40s. Glaucoma is not reversible and therefore prevention is the key here.

What causes glaucoma?
Several factors cause and contribute in the onset of glaucoma. Following is the list of factors that are responsible for the development of this dreadful eye ailment.

Medical conditions
Several health conditions act as elements that cause glaucoma. In some cases, these health issues become catalyst for the provocation of the eye ailment. Chronic eye issues can be the reason for the onset of aggression of glaucoma. Eye surgeries are also responsible for the onset or belligerence of glaucoma. Furthermore, diabetes complications can also make you suffer from glaucoma. People who use steroids also have higher chances of getting this eye ailment. Use of steroids is closely related to the onset of glaucoma.

As we reach old age, our body loses its ability to heal itself and it starts to deteriorate gradually. Therefore, age is a common factor in the process of glaucoma development. In fact, studies have supported this statement. It means as you grow old, you increase your chances of getting glaucoma.

As mentioned earlier, African-Americans are more prone to develop this eye issue than Caucasian-Americans. Chronic glaucoma is more prominent in African-Americans. These people are also at high risk of developing glaucoma at younger age.

Family history
Like any other common disorder, glaucoma runs in the family. You are more prone to develop this eye issue if you have a family history of glaucoma.

Unfortunately, there is no way you can prevent getting glaucoma. Periodic screening of eyes after the age of 50 years and more is the sure way to catch the eye issue in its early stage. Fortunately, we have better medicines such as prostaglandin analogs, carbonic anhydrase inhibitors, alpha agonists, beta-blockers and rho kinase inhibitors. You can buy Bimatoprost online to get rid over this medical condition. You cannot use these medicines by yourself. Get your issue diagnosed by a doctor and start using any of these eye drops recommended by a doctor. Using any of these medicines without medical supervision may lead to issues and discomfort.

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