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CrowdforThink - A Reliable Indian Tech Startup News and Inspiring Success Stories

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CrowdforThink shares fellow Indian entrepreneur success stories and give beneficial startup & tech advice.

New Indian startup companies have sprung up. This indicates that technological development in India is currently reaching its peak. The country is one of the most startup-friendly countries in the world in 2019. It has many new startups and entrepreneurs. This is due to India having a very high population, so the demand for new products is very high. One of the inspirational persons from India is Sundar Pichai. He currently serves as CEO of Google, the largest search engine company in the world. His inspiring story and achievements can be read at CrowdforThink. CrowdforThink is a media platform that covers startup news, reports, and inspiring stories of successful Indian entrepreneurs.

Being successful is everyone's dream; inspiring stories from Indian startups can encourage someone more actively reach their dreams. So why so many young people are inspired to make new tech startups? The answer is they want to get rich soon. Keep in mind for some facts that 75 percent of venture-backed startups fail (statistic is based on a Harvard Business School study by Shikhar Ghosh). And it takes 7-10 years for new startups to become successful. These two things show that establishing a startup from scratch is not easy. Therefore someone needs a trusted source like CrowdforThink.

Although there are many startup resources out there, CrowdforThink presents comprehensive startup information for its loyal readers. Not only entrepreneurs success stories, but CrowdforThink also provides news about startup launch, funding news, product launches, business plans, and business ideas.  The topics discussed under different categories, such as Arts & Entertainment, Career Development, Companies, Entrepreneurship, Gadgets, Industry, Innovation & Tech, Life, Programming Languages, Reviews, and Society. Therefore the SMBs entrepreneurs can take benefit from it.

Another success story of CrowdforThink comes from Bhavish Aggarwal, the CEO of OlaCabs.

OlaCabs, better known as Ola, specifically providing Taxi services. Ola was originally an online taxi aggregator in Mumbai and now moved to Silicon Valley, India, Bangalore, which is also known as one of the fastest-growing businesses in India. The idea of OLA cab was so simple. It connects the cab owner and commuter with the help of the internet, telephone, and mobile app. "Anyone can build their own venture, and anyone has a good business plan, but they need the best strategic planning and the right type of implementation. Always zero inventory will be a good startup if people can run it properly." Said Bhavish Aggarwal. According to 2014 reports, OLA has an association with 200.000 autos across 100 cities in India, including Mumbai and Delhi. Now as many 150.000 bookings per day and it also dominates 60% shares of the marketplace.

About CrowdforThink 

CrowdforThink is a media platform for a startup that shares success stories of Indian startup entrepreneurs. It covers many startup topics, including tech startups and cloud startups. Aside from sharing success stories. It also shares beneficial blog posts related to startup and business. For more information, please visit http://crowdforthink.com/.

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