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Creditmergency vows to donate $100,000 to local charities who help stop domestic violence abuse

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Sahel Rafael Tamayo, a founder of Creditmergency, believes that domestic violence can be stopped through intervention, education, and advocacy.

Domestic violence abuse is a problem experienced by many people in the world. Based on the latest data published, many factors cause cases of domestic violence. Not surprisingly, financial issues become one of the main factors. Fortunately, the public realization of the countermeasures is getting increased. It is proven by many local charities that campaign and help the victims of domestic violence abuse.

Sahel Rafael Tamayo, the founder of Creditmergency, really appreciates those local charities for the efforts they make. He intends to help them by donating $100,000 of his company’s profit. Indeed, donations have not yet been realized, but are expected to occur in the near future.

Tamayo also believes in some methods or ways to stop domestic violence abuse. Those ways are including intervention, education, and advocacy. Intervention means that people must take care of the victims of domestic violence abuse. If there are signs of such problems in their neighborhood and environment, people around must immediately help the victims. Furthermore, they also must have a willingness, even to give help financially.

Meanwhile, Tamayo also emphasizes the importance of education to avoid domestic violence abuse. In many data and surveys, it is shown that both suspects and victims tend to have a low education level. It is although some other cases show otherwise. Information about the danger of domestic violence must also be shared and delivered to society. Therefore, in the future, such cases will no longer experience.

Lastly, there is advocacy. No matter what kind of violence it is, physically, mentally, or verbally, all the victims need legal protections. The perpetrators also need to be punished depending on how bad their actions. It is based on the law of the related country or area. Tamayo adds that the deterrent effect must be applied to avoid the abuser repeating his or her actions in the future. Even psychological assistance is needed for both sides to know the root of the problem.

About Creditmergency

Creditmergency is a trusted and reliable company in credit repair founded by Sahel Rafael Tamayo. It is ranked amongst Top 500 Fastest Growing Company of 2016. Tamayo often donates the profits of the company for charities. Some of them are charities to help stop domestic violence abuse.

For Media Inquiries

Joe Vargas

433 Plaza Real, Suite 275

Boca Raton, FI 33432800-203-4172

Website URL: www.creditmergency.com.



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