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CAVEDU establishes the specifications of IoT classroom with QNAP

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CAVEDU is a famous education team in maker community, which focuses on robot education and the research of development board. Therefore, those who are interested in maker would usually choose  their works as guidelines. The team member, Tseng Chi-Hung is a pioneer of domestic maker activities and IoT education. Besides, he is also prolific  and enthusiastic to share new technology. Here is the link of CAVEDU channel, which collecting lots of slide lectured by Tseng.

He used to talk about the difficulties in establishing IoT classrooms:

  • establishment of cloud platform: The use of public clouds requires the registration of an account, and binding a credit card can open a service. For IoT education, it is difficult to use the public cloud platform for promotion or teaching. Only a simple demonstration can be made.
  • Wireless network settings: In the past, the computer classrooms for elementary and junior high schools, only need connecting to a physical network. However, In IoT education, every  student need a development board, a mobile device, and an desktop computer (For coding). The IP requirement is three times of original. This becomes a problem on class and workshops and lecturer usually need to bring 3 or 4 wireless sharers.


Science education is a very important part of future education, so as the Internet of Things. To reduce the barriers of establishing IoT classrooms , it is necessary to solve these two problems.

  • Establishment of IoT classroom:

You can use QNAP Container Station to help users quickly deploy new services such as NodeRED or establish communication services such as mosquitto (message broker for MQTT).It is much easier to set up an IoT application with User Management, Rule Engine and Dashboard’s QIoT Suite Lite.Beside, it can also be linked with other data analysis services such as Power BI.

  • Wireless network settings:

The problem of setting up wireless networks, including upgrading the specifications of wireless sharing devices and network management in school. Each school’s network management is different, it may rely on the computer teacher or equipment vendors. Sometimes, unpredictable network problems, such as personnel transferring or different bids using, would make it more complicated.

With our partner, Zyxel, We are trying to deal with this problem by using the QNAP TVS-682 with the Zyxel GS1900-8hp + WAC6502D-S wireless network router. In Taipei Municipal Nangang Vocational High School, we use the QIoT Suite Lite with MTK7688 to complete the teacher’s expectations.

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Created at: 2019/07/23, updated at 2019/07/24.
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