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Brash3D and Simultechs Conjoined to Create The First Virtual System of Shooting Training in The World

Compassionate Green Quelea
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It takes a lot of expenses to teach beginners to use firearms. Simultechs and Brash3D offer Vulcano Shooting Simulator to learn firearms better without spending too much money.


Working in the military department will force someone to use a firearm. The firearm is used in a dangerous situation that forces them to use it. Dealing with that kind of need, the students of the military department must learn how to operate firearms well. Virtual Reality or VR offers a solution for this special need. The students don’t have to go to the field and use the real firearm for the first time. Instead of doing that, they can use VR simulator.    



SIMULTECHS a brand of Brash3d specialized in developing simulators and products for the army and the Government, comes to accommodate military department or institutions with a more interesting and interactive way to learn how to use a firearm. This is a VR shooting simulator and the company is developing it with Brash3D. Brash3D is one of the 10 evolutionary AR/VR solution providers in 2019. The business cooperation from two expertise companies produces a great technology which is known as the first shooting range VR simulator that uses air guns. This shooting simulator is using two different guns which are short and long weapons. They are Pietro Beretta and AR-15 Type Rifle that can be shown on their simulator on exhibition in Bogota - Colombia.


By using Vulcano Shooting Simulator that created and assembly in USA and Colombia, a student understands the basic security conditions to operate firearms. The simulator has 15 different shooting scenarios and it helps the students to get used to with a variety of exercises and fire situations. All the data will be recorded and performed in a statistic. For the institutions, it is a great investment because they don’t need to spend money on real weapon wear or ammunition for beginner students. This shooting VR simulator is designed with a variety of atmospheric conditions as well as tutorial and evaluation modules so the users can use and get benefits from it. The simulator is designed with two high-tech products which are a Virtual Reality device and Motion Sensors. The users are supported by 1 long and 1 short weapon along with CO2 ammunition and Bluetooth wireless connection. By using this simulator, the users can practice a variety of movements such as stand up, lay down, kneel, per time, and reaction. They will get used to handling a variety of conditions, including handling objectives in motion and armed objectives from 10 to 70 meters. It comes with one app for collection of personalized user data.


BRASH3D wants to fill the needs of its clients to make them satisfied. The institutions will get a one-year guarantee per defects or problems in the Vulcano Shooting Simulator software. The software will be upgraded according to the development of the industry and the needs of the clients. It hopes that military students can use the firearm perfectly and safely after the training.  


About Brash3D:

Brash3D is one of the 10 most evolutionary AR/VR solution providers in 2019. The focus of this company is developing AR/VR for a variety of sectors including the military sector. This company is developing Vulcano Shooting Simulator along with Simultechs. Visit their official page for other products at http://brash3d.com/


About Simultechs:


Simultechs is a Colombian company under license of Brash3D which develops virtual simulation and Augmented Reality systems for Army and The Government. The focus of the service is to give solutions to the manufacture and representation of logistics and military defense equipment. Vulcano Shooting Simulator is one of their latest products in cooperation with Brash3D (please check the video of Vulcano at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ihNGsQScho or Visit their official page at http://simultechs.com/



Company Name: Brash3d Media Group LLC
Contact Person: Luis Martinez
Email: info@Brash3d.com
Phone No: (1)6614226105
Country: United States
Website Url: http://www.brash3d.com
Website Url: http://www.simultechs.com



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Created at: 2019/09/30, updated at 2019/10/01.

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