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Black Friday Sale on Pingmygift.com

Compassionate Green Quelea
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Pingmygift.com offers of upto 80% off for the Black Friday sale with free worldwide shipping on all their gift items.

The festive season brings joy and excitement but can it be complete without gifts? Pingmygift offers Black Friday Sale offering of upto 80% discount across their amazing products. The  steal deal show begins on Friday, i.e. 22nd November 2019. With their expert logistics system, you can shop from anywhere as they offer free shipping worldwide.  

A limited time offer, you will love their products which comes at an everyday price. With amazing deals on this marketplace, you can quickly find some gifts for men, women and children. Pingmygift offers free worldwide shipping as their store can deliver to more than 185 countries. Despite receiving heavy traffic, their payment gateways are secured, and you can be 100% assured of the online transfer. Pingmygift has, undoubtedly, very well understood that transit may cause damage to the products. Hence it offers protection to the buyers, right from their selection of the product to home delivery.

"In a few days, we will hold a Black Friday November Sales Discount of up to 80%. This offer is for a limited time only, so visit our website for further updates.", said Ping My Gift’s Marketing Manager.

So far, Ping My Gift has been trusted by more than 700 clients, sending orders to more than 185 countries at no charge, has successfully delivered more than 2000 items, and, more importantly, 100% safe payment. Ping my gift is beneficial for people who struggle to find the best gift for the ones they love. Not only for loved ones, but this shop also provides a gift for their lovely pets. Various kinds of accessories for pets are sold at prices under $10.

About Pingmygift

Pingmygift.com was started by a team of entrepreneurs where they came together to make their web store based on their online shopping experience. Starting from men’s wallet to gifts for children, Pingmygift has thousands of products being delivered every day. They are customer-oriented and are willing to go above and beyond for 100% customer happiness.

A one stop solution for all the gift items, Pingmygift ensures that the buyer does not have to struggle with finding the gift items. The webstore is easy to navigate without making the buyer get lost. Be it any occasion, Pingmygift has gift items for all occasions. For more information, please visit https://pingmygift.com/.

Contact info: Dwight

Address: Suite 106 , Meridian Trading Estate , 20 Bugsby’s Way London , SE7 7SF

Ph.: 44 7403 529292

email id: mail@pingmygift.com

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