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BiCupid on the Top of Dating Site Ranks for BiSexual Singles and Couples

Compassionate Green Quelea
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With a large number of LGBT members to come out, many bisexual dating sites are launched. One of them is BiCupid, placed on the top of the rank.

BiCupid is known as the top and the biggest bisexual dating platform in the world. It is seen from the number of visitors that is up to 230,000 per month. The site is mainly visited by them who want to enjoy intercourses not only with one but two partners. Meanwhile, bisexual singles and couples are not the only members here. Many straight people that are curious about threesome relationships are interested to go here as well.

There are some reasons why this bisexual dating site has many members and interested people all around the world. First, it is due to its easiness to meet one person to another. Bisexual singles and couples basically find it difficult to get what they want if they only visit conventional dating sites. But here, there are even only bisexual people available.


Second, the platform is very user-friendly. It is accessible and the navigation is easy to operate. It is reasonable. Visitors and members of BiCupid are not only young people. Based on statistic data, it is found that many of them are even coming from middle-aged people above 40.

Third, the easiness can also be seen from the layout and interface. The layout looks fascinating and there are many pictures to ease the process of registration or site entrance. Lastly, BiCupid has many features to ease the members. For example, there is the “Let’s Meet” feature for them who want to meet the partners. Besides, they can find partners in the same area.


BiCupid makes sure that it provides many protection features and a high safety standard. Therefore, the personal data and identities of members will not be leaked outside. There are also requirements to be fulfilled by visitors before they are being members. One of them is about how they can keep some matters secret for the good of all.

About BiCupid

BiCupid is a dating site especially designed for BiSexual couples and singles. It also opens for straight people who are curious about those unique dating and relationships. The site named the best bisexual dating site in the world. It is based on surveys even conducted by top platforms like Forbes or CNN.

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