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Best Data recovery Service In London Data Clinic

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14 May 2019 - Data Clinic provides cool services for those who dealt with some deleted data cases. Data Clinic is an expert in professional data recovery from digital media. Official partner for data recovery in London. The Data Clinic engineers are recognized leaders in the data recovery industry, most of whom have more than a decade of experience. Successfully recover data from incorrect hard drives, even after unsuccessful attempts of other companies.


Choosing Data Clinic, you get: Confidentiality agreement for the information you provided, 100% guaranteed results, Minimum turnaround time, Preservation of manufacturers’ guarantees, Polite and attentive service. Expert data recovery after mechanical damage of disks, after formatting, accidental deletion of files. In the presence of the necessary parts for all hard drives. You do not need to wait until the master finds the required donor disk - all orders are immediately sent to work. Diagnostics in 15 minutes. While others are guessing, we already know the correct answer.


Data Clinic recover USB flash drives and memory cards after formatting, broken contacts, electrical breakdowns, mechanical damage and other breakdowns. Our service center performs urgent data recovery from flash drives in a few hours directly from memory chips. Take information from a flash drive on the same day. The laboratory has the most advanced soldering stations and Flash Reader chip readers. We support all existing types of USB flash drives and memory cards: SD, MicroSD, Compact Flash, Memory Stick, SDHC. Data Clinic support all types of files and folders no matter what operating system you use on your computer. We will help you to recover deleted files and data from all operating systems: Windows XP, Vista, Seven, 8, 10, Mac OS, Mac OS X, Server, Sierra, High Sierra, Linux, RedHat, Mandrake, Debian, Ubuntu, Novell, Ordinary and NSS volumes, Unix, Open Server BSD, SCO, Solaris.


About Data Clinic:

Data Clinic is a London based company which proposes cool services of data recovery UK. For any problems with data loss on a hardware, people can appeal to the Data Clinic services and get fast and very affordable offerings form the Data Clinic part. Do not hesitate to visit the Data Clinic website in order to find out all the necessary details and info. You will never regret to have chosen the Data Clinic services for a high quality raid recovery.



Company Name: Data Clinic

Phone: 0871 977 2525

Email: customerservices@dataclinic.co.uk 

Website: https://www.dataclinic.co.uk/ 

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