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Best CCTV Camera Under $100 That You Can Buy

Technology And Gadgets
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Here you will find details about the latest technology and gadgets updates.
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CCTV is the best thing which you can buy to ensure the security of the home and office. There are lots of options available for CCTV cameras in the market. There are two types of camera one is an indoor camera and another one is an outdoor camera. Most of the people think that these cameras are costly, but here we are with some of the best and cheap CCTV camera which you will not regret buying. Some of the CCTV cameras are wireless and provide 24/7 video footage at your phone anytime anywhere. Most people don't know about these cameras and end up buying the wrong product at a high price. In this article, you will find details about the best CCTV camera under $100. Also, here are some of our buying guide for if you wish to buy one.

List Of Best CCTV Camera Under $100

1. Roelink Argus

Reolink argus CCTV came with an excellent feature of motion detection. Whereas, it detects suspicious detection if any. It starts recording while there is any suspicious motion which leads to saving the storage. This camera is designed and made with weatherproof material which decreases the risk of getting rusted.

2. Momentum Cori

Momentum Cori is one of the best cameras which you can buy in the market. It is also light in weight, compact and easy to use the feature. It gives total protection that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It also allows you the option for cloud storage, but you have to pay some extra monthly rent. It also has an external option of Physical SD storage.

3. Wyze cam 2

Wyze cam 2 has a 720p camera that allows night vision, motion detectors, two-way speaker and lot more. This camera has a box-type structure that fits perfectly on your shelf or table if you want. This is basically suitable for indoor use and not that much effective for outdoor use. But, if you want to mount the camera on the wall there is an external wall plate which you have installed first.2. Momentum Cori

If you want to know more about the list then you can go and check Geekstar. They have lots of article like this regarding gadgets and geek kind of stuff.

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