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Behal Network – The most promising digital marketing company in India

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Behal Network has established itself as a global digital services platform with proven work experience in creative design, eCommerce development, apps, digital marketing, and other digital solutions.

Marketing a business is much easier today along with the development of digital technology. Today by using digital marketing, businesses can reach their customers through a variety of ways such as social media, websites, blogs, influencers, and many more. Furthermore, the marketing cost is cheaper than traditional advertising. Previously, businesses have to spend a lot of money to put ads on televisions, radios, newspapers, and magazines. Nowadays, companies just have to use social media or any digital platform to reach their targeted audience online. They can use Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube to build brand awareness and attract more new customers quickly. So, business owners who want to develop their business and grab more customers need to use digital marketing.

From startups to multinational brands, all are investing in Digital Marketing for their businesses. Behal Network one of the best and fastest-growing digital marketing companies in Chandigarh, India serving worldwide. Since 2013, Behal Network has been at the forefront of digital marketing technology in India, delivered over 2500+ projects for Clients from 50+ Countries.

Behal Network provides a wide range of digital services including website design & development, apps, content and inbound marketing including videography and photography, search engine optimization, online reputation management services like Instagram Verification Service, ORM Building, Google Knowledge Panel Creation, Wikipedia Creation & Management services and a wide range of social media marketing services like Instagram Management, Facebook Promotions, Video Promotions and leads-focused campaigns on Google Ads, Microsoft Ads and Facebook Ads.

The team is always ready to design a website as well as develop it to achieve specific goals. Social media has become one of the most powerful digital marketing tools. Behal Network’s mission is to help every local business and startups who need its services to reach customers easier and faster no matter where they are since people love to use phones and web browsers to find anything they need.       

About Behal Network:

Behal Network founded in 2013, has helped hundreds of organizations from small startups to large multinational businesses. Behal Network is a qualified and ISO certified company that has certifications as a Google Partner and Microsoft Partner. Behal Network takes every possible step to materialize client ideas economically and regularly undertakes market research to discover new possibilities. It has been helping local and global businesses attain cost effectiveness for many years now.

Quick Facts

Year of founding: 2013Funding information: Self-FundedFounder/CEO: Mohit BahlOffice locations: Chandigarh, GurdaspurCompany strength: 80+Website: www.behalnetwork.com

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