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17-year-old Entrepreneur, to earn $100,000 from Dropshipping Business

Compassionate Green Quelea
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A teenager named Jacob Reiche has been a successful entrepreneur in dropshipping business at his young age. He manages to earn $100,000 and is able to buy a Porsche.



The Internet gives chances for many people to earn more money in their own ways. One of them is a teenager named Jacob Reiche, 17 years old, who started his business in dropshipping. He successfully made 6 figures online and the money was used to buy a Porsche when he was only 16 years old.


He started his business by flipping everything. Reiche did it in anything he could, including flipping Fortnite account. His interest in the area of online business did not stop at that point. He continued by learning more about e-commerce, especially dropshipping business and how to make it thrived.


Reiche is using Shopify as the media. He bought products from wholesale, marked up, and sold them using paid ads. The ads appeared in social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat ads. The profits were found in the markup.  After finding that the business was very beneficial, he goes on. His business is developed well until now. It is proven by his ability to earn around $100,000.


The teenager doesn’t want to keep his success secret by himself. Reiche is also interested to share his tips and tricks so that other people can continue his success. In his official website, he offers a class and mentorship for anybody. There are some programs he offers; Step by Step to $100k course and 1 on 1 Mentorship. His “students” can contact him through his personal phone number and social media.


Reiche also gives you some general tips to be successful as an online business. First, it is “The Law of Association”. It is mainly about with whom you are associated and making a friend. Second, your time is valuable. This way, it is better to get a trusted person to guide you to gain profits. Reiche allows you to copy and paste resources to gain money faster. Third, make sure that the process has been tested and proven. Meanwhile, to get further tricks, it can be accessed on his official website.


About Jacob Reiche

Jacob Reiche is a 17-year-old entrepreneur who gains his success in the area of dropshipping business. He conducts his business through the Shopify.platform. Currently, he lets anybody to follow his success by utilizing e-commerce. People can take a course with him as a tutor. Find more information about Jacob at https://www.instagram.com/dotcomjake/ & https://linktr.ee/dotcomjake.


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Jacob Reiche


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