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Riding for fun. Sometimes at a decent cadence.
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Articles by this pen name
Velo city 02a

Visiting bike stores can be hazardous. You see stuff. You think about new things.
Velo City is that kind of bike store. They focus on city bikes and bicycle-centric lifestyles.

This isn't the...



It's nice when you stumble upon something really useful. Finding an expert bicycle wheelbuilder is especially cool.
Riding the other evening, I passed a storefront that caught my eye. A bunch of...


A little reward is nice from time to time. If you're looking to give yourself a cycling treat, check out the road to Bali. It's a there-and-back excursion of about 10K from the Guandu bridge to t...



I don't know how much roads cost to build. $5 million per mile? No doubt, it depends on the road.
But it's clear Taipei City has spent a bunch of money on the riverside paths around the Tamsui r...


Taipei cycling xingyi road

I needed to visit someone at the cemetery, so I pointed myself up Xingyi Road.
It's a mostly gentle climb through the upper parts of Tianmu and then into Beitou and the lowest corner of Yangming...


Taipei riverside cycling shichi

I had a bad feeling this morning getting ready for my ride.
I broke my favorite sunglasses. Snapped the frame right in half when attempting to change the lenses.
Once on the road, I was sure a ...



Taipei cycling jiannan road

I'll admit it. I haven't gotten my legs back. Far from it.
Today I decided to throw myself a hill. An easy one. The easiest one I know in fact: Jiannan Road.

Jiannan Road starts off Sec. 2 of...