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Your Identity is Something to Protect
Scrivinor is a writing platform designed around privacy. That means what you write is only connected to your true identity unless you want it to be. Discover Scrivinor. It’s Free!
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The Voice of Scrivinor

Scrivinor is a privacy-oriented platform that lets you write using pen names.
Everyone has a story to tell. Scrivinor gives you the freedom to be yourself.

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Articles by this pen name
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Looking to understand how Scrivinor works? Here's a tour. See how to get started, set up your pen names and publish great content.
Create / Activate Account
While Scrivinor is doesn't require r...

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Blogging is a great way to express yourself and a fantastic way to share information with others.
It's a way to tell your story your way. It lets you establish your voice in communities you care...

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Scrivinor is a unique hybrid blogging / forum solution for writers or groups to publish content and develop an engaged audience.

Combining the best of both worlds, Scrivinor's unique features ...

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The Scrivinor Import tool lets you import a blog archive to Scrivinor as a batch process. The tool lets you:

The Import tool currently supports the Moveable Type Import / Export format. If you...

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Whether they come from yourself or others, expectations can be oppressive. The chance to escape from existing patterns is the perfect way to inject new energy into your writing. That's what pen n...

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If you’re getting started as a writer and are looking for place to set up camp, check out Scrivinor.
Scrivinor is a place where you can safely stretch out as a writer as you experiment and grow....

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Scrivinor is the first writing platform that makes it simple to use different personas for the different kinds of pieces you write. It’s as easy as switching between pen names. See how Scrivinor ex...

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Having a safe place where you can write all your feelings, thoughts and opinions - without judgement - is extremely refreshing.
For anyone who is involved with social media, Scrivinor is a great w...

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Using multiple pen names has a long tradition among writers. But the digital age has made it harder to create and present work under different names.
Platforms like Facebook and Wordpress let yo...

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You can’t judge a book by its cover, but a compelling presentation makes for a terrific start to bringing readers into your fold.
First Impressions Matter
Readers judge how deep they want to di...

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When you’re comfortable with how others see you, it’s easier to share. Likewise, when you have confidence that the people you interact with you are real, it’s easier to create genuine relationshi...

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Women around the world are speaking up and revealing the magnitude of the problem of sexual assault and harassment. Men too.
Scrivinor is a place where you can share your story, big or small. Th...




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Beta testers wanted

Want to help? We're looking for some good eyes and considered opinions as Scrivinor continues to develop.
We think Scrivinor already stands nicely as complete platform for writers to share their...

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“Choose a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life.” 

Well, maybe just the weekends.  That said, we do spend most of our adult waking hours working and many of us contin...


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Here's a button you'll want to know in Scrivinor. It's the one to create a new article.

Create an Article

Note: Edits are not saved until you save the draft. If you navigate away from the...

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Stay up to speed. Stay connected. 
The Scrivinor Digest – delivered as a daily or weekly email – provides an easy overview of the latest Scrivinor content as well as up-to-date information on ac...


Creating a Scrivinor account is a simple two-step process. After you submit your name, email and password on the Sign up page, Scrivinor sends an activation email to the address you provide. Clic...

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Scrivinor gives you the freedom to share your true feelings. It’s a level playing field where you can provide your two cents and tell others what you think.
It lets you be yourself.

Pen names...

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Start with privacy
Pen names open new doors for sharing your thoughts and stories in the way that best suits you.  From funny to pointed to carefully unassuming, the options are endless. Scrivin...

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People are private animals
We are all multidimensional individuals. “Who are you?” is an impossible question for anyone to answer fully, so our answers are always partial. When asked, we keep pa...

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Beyond privacy, Scrivinor offers unique and practical advantages when for sharing messages with the world.
In everyday life, we adjust our voice to fit the particular situation we’re in. We spea...

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Not many of us write kiss-and-tell memoirs.  But we all just might have the impulse. Life is full of stories and sharing those stories is something we seem bred to do.  Maybe your storytelling is...

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Scrivinor is a writing platform designed around privacy protection.  With Scrivinor, because your privacy is protected, you enjoy greater freedom to present your thoughts, stories and ideas.

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Welcome to the wide world of sports.  This is the place to report on your favorite teams, players and events.


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This is the place to share the latest happenings on your doorstep, the region you live or the world.  Raise awareness and share your analysis of people and events in the news.


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Everyone has a story to tell.  This is the place for flights of fancy, the first pass at your novel, personal narratives or just a good joke.


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Share the story of your best friend.  Or how family life shapes your daily adventure.  And we're all looking for a little romance.  


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