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More often that not, my desk is my pocket. But everyday desk items doesn't have the same ring.








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This is a fun, diminutive-sized writing instrument, with a twist. The nib retracts! It's proving to be a pleasant alternative to the larger pens I've been enjoying lately. I can see it as a take-along pen for notes or general writing duties any ...

Imag0294 edit

If you'd asked me a year or two ago to have a look at a wood-bodied fountain pen, you'd not have gotten much more than polite interest.
I mean, where do you find wood in vintage pens or among modern makers? Wood, I figured, was for home hobbyis...

Imag0107 edit

The first thing you notice is the size of the pen.

It's larger than the current crop of Chinese CC fountain pens such as the Jinhao 992, Jellyfish Series, Lingmo Lorelei or Delike New Moon, all of which feel just a little small in my hand.


Img 2376 edit

There was a moment there when mechanical pencils took my fancy.
My interest was peaked partly because of my son. Deep in the math weeds, pencils were his weapon of choice in his studies. It was also partly thanks to a friend from across the pon...


Img 2320 edit

It doesn't take too long poking around the pocket knife world to discover great swaths of titanium.  

Traditionalists may consider it out of bounds, but titanium is a premium handle material for all kinds of modern folders.  
And for good reas...


This pen really puts it all together:  

Yes, it's another new Chinese fountain pen.  If you like the Wing S 698, you'll appreciate the Caliarts Ego.
The two pens are virtually the same size and weight and use interchangable Pilot 78G-compati...

Traditional folding knives

There's something going on among knife collectors and hobbyists.  Folks are looking back to the roots of the art and finding much to like.  And I don’t mean antiques.  Traditional patterns in folding knives are coming back.
Traditional folding ...