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More often that not, my desk is my pocket. But everyday desk items doesn't have the same ring.








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Articles by this pen name
Kanwrite desire 12 sm

The Kanwrite Desire is a terrific, entry-level Indian pen. It combines great materials, excellent size, solid fit-and-finish and a high-quality #6 nib that comes in a bunch of sizes.

If you ha...

Moonman m6 05

Here's the real headline:
Moonman has released their own 35mm nib - and it's a winner.
It comes in the new Moonman M6, a medium-sized, cigar-shaped wooden pen. If you want, you can stop now and...

Fuliwen 016 09 sm

Fuliwen is not a pen brand I'm overly familiar with. It's been covered in Frank Underwater's blog and this particular pen, dubbed the Sceptre, has been reviewed by chrisrap52, WaskiSquirrel and A...

Moonman n3 02

Luxury Design over Engineering
To my mind, the Moonman M100 pen was a watershed. It put Chinese pens in a new league. 

Where PenBBS pens are clearly the product of people who know and love fo...

Natami f 05

Here's another under-the-radar Chinese pen well worth a look. The Natami Inception is a Platinum #3776 Century clone. And a very well made one.
I've never treated myself to a Platinum #3776 Cent...

Penbbs 323 closed 01 art

The 323 was an early PenBBS model, coming to market in late 2017 - a bit before PenBBS came on my radar. 

Was the 323, after the 266, the second pen PenBBS released? Drop some knowledge in the...

Penbbs 456 jowo 6 004 sm

The PenBBS 456 is what the TWSBI Vac 700 could have been. Great size. Great weight. Great balance. This has got to be the best pen PenBBS makes right now.

Not to knock TWSBI. I love my TWSBI V...

Penbbs 471 open 01 sm

There's a direction connection between the new PenBBS 471 pocket pen and the PenBBS 469 double-ended eyedropper.

In a nutshell, take a PenBBS 469, chop it in half and you have the new pen. Wit...

P 20190125 123615

It's no secret I like the PenBBS 350 aluminum pen, especially since I swapped a #6 M nib for the standard PenBBS one. It's a great writer and very comfortable in the hand.

I can safely say, ho...

Penbbs 355 04a

Attention fountain pen lovers. PenBBS is at it again. They've just rolled out another new pen.
The new PenBBS 355 is interesting from a couple of angles:

Bulk Filling System
Pen makers h...

Ty lee sign

The pen business must be OK in Taiwan. The Lee brothers have moved their store 小品雅集 to new digs around the corner. 

The new place is impressive.

More than enough pens to keep you busy for a...

Wing sung 627 ebony and redwood closed 06

Wing Sung have released a lot of pens recently. But, then again, so have Moonman and Delike. It’s easy to lose track, especially when new pens don’t jump out and generate a bunch of buzz in the p...

Penbbs 469 capped 04

Think PenBBS, think great pens and quality nibs. Even if the nibs only come in one size. 😄

Think ink too! I just got my hands on a bottle of no. 232, Ugly 丑. What a name! What a color!

More a...

Kaco edge 04

Kaco has been busy. Their new pen is interesting.

Kaco is a Chinese stationery company that put themselves on the fountain pen map with their Sky model.

The Sky set itself apart is a couple o...

Moonman 80   f nib 02

First things first. This pen works really well. It's an achievement in terms of design and functionality. The more I use and understand it, the more I appreciate what the Parker 45 accomplished.

Ambitious nib 2015 fpn group buy review

Article originally posted in Nov. 2015 on the Fountain Pen Network. The nibs were part of a group buy that took place on the forum.

The Ambitious Nib group buy proved to be a real treasure trove...

Penbbs 350 hero 04 sm

For a moment there, orange was my color of choice. I think I was coming off a sepia phase, but don't rightly recall.
I got myself some Diamine Autumn Oak and took a flier on J. Herbin Orange Ind...

Wing sung 626   fountain pen time machine 03

Part of the pleasure of vintage pens is thinking about what it was like to experience the the golden age of fountain pens.
The drawback is it’s an impossible task.

NOS (new old stock) and vin...

Imag0620 edit

A vintage Aurora 88 has been on my grail list ever since I first encountered pelahale’s landmark video paean to this pen, HeartBreaking Pens of Staggering Genius. Naturally, I set my sights on an...

Imag0489 03

I’ve waited some time before writing this review. This has been my go-to pen for about a month now, making lists, jotting notes and annotating life as it goes by. The regular stuff.

The long a...

Img 2615 edit

Chinese pens continue to impress. It’s clear manufacturers are investing in improving their products to grab market share.
The Wing Sung 618 is an excellent case in point. Bottom line: this is a...

Imag0388 edit sm

This was a pen I was prepared to like. At $12, it's a bargain. Its small size, however, will keep it from becoming a personal favorite. But for some folks, this new Delike wood fountain pen can be ...


This is a fun, diminutive-sized writing instrument, with a twist. The nib retracts! It's proving to be a pleasant alternative to the larger pens I've been enjoying lately. I can see it as a take-...

Imag0294 edit

If you'd asked me a year or two ago to have a look at a wood-bodied fountain pen, you'd not have gotten much more than polite interest.
I mean, where do you find wood in vintage pens or among mo...

Imag0107 edit

The first thing you notice is the size of the pen.

It's larger than the current crop of Chinese CC fountain pens such as the Jinhao 992, Jellyfish Series, Lingmo Lorelei or Delike New Moon, all ...

Img 2376 edit

There was a moment there when mechanical pencils took my fancy.
My interest was peaked partly because of my son. Deep in the math weeds, pencils were his weapon of choice in his studies. It was ...


Img 2320 edit

It doesn't take too long poking around the pocket knife world to discover great swaths of titanium.  

Traditionalists may consider it out of bounds, but titanium is a premium handle material for...


This pen really puts it all together:  

Yes, it's another new Chinese fountain pen.  If you like the Wing S 698, you'll appreciate the Caliarts Ego.
The two pens are virtually the same size a...

Traditional folding knives

There's something going on among knife collectors and hobbyists.  Folks are looking back to the roots of the art and finding much to like.  And I don’t mean antiques.  Traditional patterns in fol...