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Thinking out of the box: fun games for Xbox beyond the standard ones

Appreciative Maroon Loris
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Sometimes it can feel like it's just the same old games all the time for Xbox. (For the purposes of this article, when I put Xbox, I mean Xbox One).

If you have friends who have an Xbox also, you'll probably notice that you all have some similar games! Maybe most of you have Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite, Halo, and other games like that. But what about some of the not-so-typical games? The good news is that there are many other games you can try. The ones I'll list here are family-friendly. By the way, if you first need a good Xbox gamertag, try the gamertag generator at SeaFlood.

  • Tropico - you're a dictator running your own tropical country. But be careful! If the happiness of your citizens drops too low or your lose too much money, you'll lose the game. This addictive game is brilliant, and the soundtrack alone is awesome.
  • Defense Grid 2 - a tower defense game that you can play on Xbox. It's awesome. If you like the backstory of it, great. If not, don't worry - just focus on getting your towers to kill the aliens. The graphics are absolutely awesome and put all other tower defense programs (on PC, phone, etc) to shame.
  • Surviving Mars - this is a simulation game of building a colony on Mars. It's quite a bit harder than the other games listed here, but if you're a fan of space travel you'll enjoy it.
  • Cities Skylines - a lot like Sim City in concept. You build your city and its infrastructure, and residents will live there and pay taxes. It's one of the best simulation games out there, and you won't get bored, there's always something to do.

I'd like it more if these games were somehow capable of local multiplayer options. I mean, Minecraft allows it, so why not these? To be fair, some levels of Defense Grid 2 do allow 2 players locally. But that's actually the least helpful game to have it on! Even though you would think it would be helpful to have 2 players building the towers, the issue there is that there just isn't enough time to talk strategy before the alien waves start arriving.

In conclusion, above are some Xbox games which you may not have previously considered playing. They are all family-friendly.

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Created at: 2019/06/06, updated at 2019/08/27.

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