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Mordhau Is Now Easier To Win With Wallhax

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5 June 2019 – Wallhax is ready to reveal all the secrets which may help you boost your level in the Mordhau game online. If you are motivated to have a big improvement and a better progress in this game, then do not miss the chance to find out what the particular Wallhax services can offer you.


A successful heir to Chivalry: Medieval Warfare with deeper fencing, tied to physics, fashionable mode of "Royal Battle" and horse fights. Mordhau is a network action game dedicated to medieval battles. The name refers to the German reception of the reverse grip of the sword - to combat armored opponents. The game is developed by an independent team of Team Mordhau with employees around the world.


Mordhau looks like a clone of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare only at first glance. Already at the training ground, it turns out that the combat system has been significantly improved. Cuts are now made at any angle with an accuracy of a degree. Injections can be sent not only to the face, but also to any other part of the body. In order to block a blow, you need not only podgadat moment, but also correctly turn the camera towards danger. In addition, riposts (counterattack from the block) appeared, as well as parrying with a counter attack at approximately the same angle. The blades will slide against each other, even if a wave is interrupted by a stranger who came in time, and not one of the duelists. Not without cost in Mordhau. So, with the “Peasant” perk, no armor can be worn except simple clothes, and only a pitchfork, scythe, rake or any club can be used as a weapon. At the same time, especially experienced players manage to occupy the first places even this way. Another joke from the developers is the lute. It is possible to play almost any composition (the extracted note depends on the angle of the camera), raising the morale of the fighters (for which there are not even any bonuses), and in case of that, intercept the bar and stomp the overlooked foe. To make it easier for you to join the rest of fencing fans, Wallhax advise you to familiarize yourself with the Wallhax guides. And if there are any problems with the launch of Mordhau, then you are here.


About Wallhax:

Wallhax is an online company offering amazing cheats for Mordha amateurs. Do not hesitate to profit from the large range of cheats available on Wallhax.



Company Name: Wallhax

Website: https://wallhax.com 

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