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ExitHolding Launches New Website for Mergers and Acquisitions of Middle-to-Large Internet Business

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Provides information for buyers and sellers of companies with annual revenues of $500K to $50 million


NEW YORK—AUGUST 7, 2019—ExitHolding, the world’s leading M&A advisory and business brokerage service for middle-to-large Internet businesses, announced today that it has launched an updated version of its website, www.exitholding.com. The site offers buyers and sellers of Internet businesses a way to engage with the service while providing useful information about the merger and acquisition (M&A) process for Internet businesses.

“Buying or selling an Internet business is a lot like buying or selling a brick and mortar business,” said a spokesperson Steven Endrizzi for ExitHolding. “However, there are some very pronounced differences that can affect valuation and post-deal integration practices. This is where we stand out. We have the experience and knowledge to help both buyers and sellers navigate the M&A process.” ExitHolding serves companies with annual revenues of $500K to $50 million.

ExitHolding is a specialist M&A advisory and business brokerage firm. The site describes how the firm delivers business valuation services, gap analysis, capital raising, exit and succession planning, key person replacement and more. Site visitors can browse listings of businesses for sale. Or, they can engage and find out about selling their businesses. ExitHolding offer a no-charge consultation for prospective buyers and sellers.

“We work with you, often asking the difficult questions aimed at understanding the true nature of your organization,” the spokesperson added. “This is the only legitimate way to bring to parties together in a mutually beneficial M&A deal.” This process may involve helping entrepreneurs “get their act together” before speaking with investors.

The site also contains information about specific categories of businesses for sale. These include Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) companies and E-Commerce companies as well as businesses in the Drop Shipping, website, Amazon, marketplace and content base categories.

For more information, visit https://www.exitholding.com/service/


ADDRESS: PR Media Web -  245 Park Ave 39th Floor, New York, NY 10167, USA + 1 (718) 650-3530



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